Four Ridiculous Facts about Baby Onesies You Never Knew Existed

Let’s start by stating the obvious … We all love facts (sometimes confused with strong opinions)! Our favorite time to hit the local scene (if we can get a decent babysitter) is trivia night, and we just can’t help but yell out all the answers when we watch Jeopardy. Now, you might be thinking you know it all, but there is one subject you are most likely missing some very important historically accurate information about … BABY ONESIES – where there’s so much more than meets the eye.

Baby Onesies?! You are probably asking yourself, why do I need to know about these? Well, this is a GREAT question smart people out there. Let’s just start by asking this, do you have a baby? Do you plan on having a baby? Do you have grand kids? Will you have grand kids? Are you or will you ever be an Aunt or Uncle? OK, we think except for cabin dwelling survivalists who live in the Montana wilderness, we’ve covered just about everyone.

Now before you get exposed by your unintentional lack of baby onesies knowledge, we have provided a quick guide so you can read on and learn these four facts as a matter of fact.

Fact 1 - In 1992, during a Cave excavation in France, archaeologists believe they found quite possibly the very first Adorable Baby Onesie. However, it didn’t get much press because it was discovered the same day Disneyland Paris opened – weird, right? This crude but strangely adorable baby onesie was made of a bear hide and had a stick drawing of a man getting chased by a woolly mammoth. Very faded but still barely visible was also quite possibly the first emoji of a frownie face – this was truly an exciting find for the history of Baby Apparel! Like our hunting tools, we guess our sense of humor took some time to evolve as well!

Fact 2 - The Cute Baby Onesie was introduced to North America by the Pilgrims in 1620. Prudence Smith while fighting the boredom of a 6 month cruise which featured little to no shuffleboard, took a piece of charcoal to a white baby coverall and wrote “The New World or Bust.” The onesie was so well received she followed it up with such best sellers as “Plymouth Rocks!” and “In Cod We Trust.”

Fact 3 - The Funny Baby Onesie actually had a dark period. Do you have any older relatives? Have you ever seen a baby picture of your grandfather or great grandfather? What’s missing other than the color? Well, not only was there no official baby onesies during this period, the onesie was actually a dress. Boy, girl…It mattered not. Here is your dress son, which was anything but fun ... at least until the grand kids get a hold of the picture 80 years into the future, and then it’s hilarious.

Fact 4 - Baby Onesies are contagious. Not contagious like in Medieval Times, but contagious in a good way. It’s a Good contagious, like when you wake up your kids and you hear “Good Morning” and a get Smile instead of a grunt and whine (maybe not the best example, has this ever actually happened)? It’s the same thing. Take a stroll with your Fun Baby Onesie, (for best results have your child wearing it), and quite literally make everyone’s day. How can anyone not smile and have their heart warmed by a child wearing a “Let’s Avocuddle” or “Magical AF” onesie?

There we have it; your four ridiculous facts about baby onesie education is complete! You may not get to yell out these answers to Alex Trebek, but you’re now an expert in our world and we wish you the best in all your daily quests and trivia nights (and late nights with crying kids) =) Carpe Diaper!

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